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The micro-generation energy model is becoming a solution to the increasing price of petrol and climate changes. Micro wind turbines and photovoltaic panels are the main technologies involved in decentralised energy production from renewable sources.

Even though a 2,5kW micro-wind turbine might seem insignificant when compared to its older brother seen installed on Portuguese mountain-tops, they will definitely make a difference in the future. According to recent studies developed by EST (Energy Saving Trust) in the UK, these systems might come to cover between 30 and 40% of the countries energy in 2050. The UK’s nuclear power currently covers about 20%.

Micro-generation, not only allows you to reduce, or even eliminate your energy bills, it also allows you to sell up to 100% of the energy generated to the network, liquidating the initial investment and supplying clean energy to other consumers.

Micro-generation is an important step towards a sustainable development!

Freenergy presents turn-key solutions of Wind and Photovoltaic Energy for connecting to the public energy network projects.

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